BB, Age 46

As a long-term yoga practitioner and teacher I was already relatively strong and aware of alignment and flow of movement in my body before learning about GYROTONIC® exercises. I decided to try it because I wanted to increase my core strength and flexibility. I have been absolutely blown away by the deep improvements this practice has had on my life and body. Casey has helped me gain specific awareness of my imbalances in order to tweak my routines both on and off the yoga mat. Even more importantly, she has helped me unlock pathways of energy and motion that I wasn't aware were blocked. I am so thankful for the comfort and decompression I have experienced with the GYROTONIC® Method and Casey's expertise!

RS, Age 61

My favorite thing about The Movement Barn is Casey’s ability to identify and use the GYROTONIC® Method to fix flaws in my posture. After only a few sessions she has significantly reduced the aches and pains that have come with age.

GS, Age 68

I have found the work done in the Movement Barn to be a great help in overcoming minor injuries incurred while running, in weight loss and in enhanced movement, flexibility, balance and general well-being. A great attribute of the Barn is its location - off in a field of wild flowers and native grasses with a view of the Blue Ridge and sufficient distance from the road so that vehicle traffic noise is minimal. This makes for a peaceful space which naturally combines meditative movement with mindful concentration. Casey Turner is incredible helpful, encouraging and soulful. I highly recommend the Movement Barn experience to anyone.

I am so happy to have found Casey! In the last couple of years, I have been focusing on improving my posture and trying to figure out how to increase mobility in my upper back, undo the years of carrying my kids, and stay in alignment while using my computer and driving. I have now been to two sessions and felt a change the very first time. My second session was yesterday and the difference was remarkable. I woke up with my shoulders back and down and felt like I grew 2 inches. I highly recommend investing in yourself and scheduling an appointment with Casey. You will learn so much about your body and how to turn on very important muscles to improve your alignment, posture and health!

JH, Age 48